Triceps Extensions

Lie on a horizontal bench and grasp the barbell with an overhand grip and the arms vertical:

• Inhale and lower the barbell to the forehead or behind the head by bending the elbows.
• Return to the initial position.
• Exhale at the end of the effort.

Comment: Because of individual variations in shoulder width, valgus angle at the elbows, and wrist flexibility, the hands can be closer or farther apart on the bar and the elbow angle more or less open during the exercise.
Using an E-Z bar helps prevent excessive strain at the wrists.

There are several variations for triceps extensions:

  1. Overhead triceps extensions: Done with a dumbbell or barbell, this exercise involves extending your arm overhead to work the triceps from a different angle.
  2. Close-grip bench press: This exercise involves doing a traditional bench press with a narrower grip, which places more emphasis on the triceps.
  3. Lying triceps extensions: This exercise is done lying on a flat bench, using a barbell or dumbbell, and involves extending your arm straight up towards the ceiling.
  4. Diamond pushups: This exercise involves placing your hands close together, forming a diamond shape, and doing pushups to target the triceps.
  5. Kickbacks: This exercise is done using a dumbbell and involves extending your arm straight back behind you to target the triceps.