Triceps Kickbacks

Stand with the knees slightly bent and lean forward at the waist, maintaining a straight back. Bend the elbow and hold the upper arm horizontally alongside the body:

• Inhale and extend the forearm.
• Exhale at the end of the movement.

This is an excellent exercise for pumping the triceps group.
Perform this exercise until you feel a burn for best results.


• One-arm cable triceps kickbacks – performed using a cable machine with one arm at a time, emphasizing the isolated contraction of the triceps.

• Dumbbell triceps kickbacks with a twist – performed with a twisting motion at the top of the extension to increase the stretch in the triceps.

• Banded triceps kickbacks – performed with resistance bands for a more challenging and dynamic workout.

• Alternating triceps kickbacks – performed by alternating arms during the set for a more cardiovascular challenge.

• Bent-over triceps kickbacks – performed with a slight bend in the knees and hips, putting more emphasis on the upper triceps.